15 octubre 2010

07 octubre 2010

Well today I'll start writing in English...

  • Well today was not at all a nice day... get very worried about my field of Geography... puff because today we had to deliver the entire block and I was missing things :/ and good LAVI THANKS! helped me a lot with the puzzle but was traumatized with "rock" XDDDDDD.... because that and fortunately I was well... did not enter many... we were only 7 in class XDDDD... what if I gave in my liver was when I had my review of Environmental Design exam will not let me put the self-assessment and I shit! because... how I miss my drawings take me so Striving to make them ... I do not take them for rating!! it pisses me off.... is it possible that this fucking killing me for not fulfilling all fail and go out with me that I did not take into qualification? SHIT HAPPENS TO BY HEAD? THE HAND THAT DID ALL VERY WELL! ONLY YOU DO NOT TAKE OUT TODAY THAT DO NOT TAKE ME TO THE QUALIFICATION! MOTHER FUCK! THAT'S NOT FAIR!

    but... was much relief for today...

    And the bad thing is that we agree XDDDD, Lavi tell me... we do on Tuesday, we have no class?

    We go to the movies... (Option is not valid because we are poor XP)
    Go on a picnic... (If that idea gave me Sammy)
    Lost in Lindavista Park (hagvjhavajhvgajh there if we become poor in need XDDDDD)
    Walk around a while in my unit... (Ahgahajhavhag you exercise my Lavi)
    MMMMM... I no longer think of anything :/ someone brings an idea?

    nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! I still want a bride! TTwTT

    Etto think is all for today ^^

    Take care guys!